Human Performance Technology

Empower your team

As distance learning evolves, so do your platforms and processes. This constantly changing landscape can affect customer relations, costs, workload, productivity, and morale. Human performance technology (HPT) addresses these issues by creating a focused strategy to address your team’s specific challenges.


  • Redesigning student onboarding processes to create a more efficient workflow
  • Providing job aids such as checklists, flowcharts, or infographics to assist team members in completing tasks efficiently and accurately, or to support navigating your learning management system
  • Creating knowledge bases and interactive tools to ensure that team members have access to critical information for their tasks
  • Modifying job roles to align with each team member’s skills and aptitudes
  • Implementing motivational strategies like recognition programs or promotions

Designing solutions

Because human performance technology addresses a wide range of individual and organizational issues, interventions and their implementation models are developed specifically to create the results that matter the most to your organization. 

Below is an example of a generalized HPT model that identifies key stages of the process, from analysis to maintenance.

Van Tiem, Moseley, and Dessinger Performance Improvement Model

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Human performance technology  helps people be more effective and successful in the workplace.


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Frameworks and Thinkers

Understand the big ideas in human performance technology and its key theorists.