Human Performance Technology:

What is human performance technology?

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Human performance technology (HPT) is “the study and ethical practice of improving productivity in organizations by designing and developing effective interventions that are results-oriented, comprehensive, and systemic” (Pershing, 2006).

Through a structured process for troubleshooting and solving an organization’s problems, HPT helps people be more effective and successful in the workplace. It supports the entire organization by creating planful, holistic, and multidimensional approaches to a wide range of issues including physical or interpersonal aspects of the work environment, team motivation, or skill development.

HPT benefits all aspects of an organization: its people, its customers, and its bottom line.

While interventions may include job training, HPT encompasses much more than instruction. Job aids, job reorganization, process redesign, team building, and reward or recognition programs are just some of the many ways HPT seeks to eliminate barriers to people reaching their highest performance potential.

Key benefits

  • identify and address issues that are affecting your team’s productivity and effectiveness
  • enhance team productivity, skill development, and cost effectiveness
  • promote innovation, alignment, and harmony within your organization
  • support your team’s professional growth and engagement, increasing motivation and job satisfaction
  • grow your competitive advantage
  • establish measurable outcomes to track the impact of your initiatives

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