Personal Aromatherapy Consultations

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the artful science of using aromatic plant extracts to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils contain naturally occurring chemical components that, when skillfully blended, work in synergy to enhance the body’s innate ability to heal and balance itself. And time and again, I have seen their ephemeral nature reach the most intangible, fleeting parts of our being, transcending the language of emotion.

Holistic aromatherapy cares for you as a whole person – mind, body, and spirit. We don’t aim to cure your medical condition, as that’s not who you are. Instead, we work as a team to create an aromatic approach to fortifying the big picture that is you, so that you can feel healthier, bigger, and brighter than the challenge(s) you are facing.

My perspective considers the scientific as well as the intuitive, and my work is a fusion of many wisdom traditions.

What makes my work different is that I teach you how to support yourself with aromatherapy. I’m a seasoned aromatherapy educator, so you benefit from my expertise in teaching people how to use essential oils.

I provide you with a fully customized information plan, including blending guidelines and a handpicked shortlist of essential oils specific to your needs, so that you can use your own essential oils to support your well-being. This empowers YOU.

Aromatherapy excels at supporting the following issues: Stress, sleep, skin troubles, routine aches and pains, respiratory issues, and more. My favorite area of focus is stress management and aroma as a tool for personal growth. Remember that stress can show up anywhere in the body – ever get a cold before a big presentation?

What Happens in a Personal Aromatherapy Consultation?

First, I ask you to complete a confidential New Client Form. When I receive your info, I begin selecting the most appropriate blending options for you. When we meet, we’ll dive deeper into your needs, your personal aromatic preferences, and any questions that arise.

We then spend an hour together, typically via video conference. Our time together will go as deep as you want it to go – we follow your process, whether that’s an interest in the latest clinical aromatherapy research or an exploration of how essential oils can support you on an energetic level. (Or both.)

After we meet, I ask for a week to assemble your customized aromatherapy plan. You will receive this in the form of a PDF download. You will get guidance on safe blending, a range of essential oils to choose from, and three easy-to-follow formulations (recipes) that I created just for you. My suggestions may include bath salts, a portable inhaler, a blend to diffuse into your home environment, a spray mist, or massage oil.  I’ll include a list of my favorite suppliers so you can purchase from trusted sources, or you can use your own essential oils.

I recommend a follow-up consult to discuss what shifts you notice and for further mentoring. You get to pick my brain about any topic in aromatherapy, and we’re not constrained by a course outline – this is for you!

All consultations require an intake form.  I work mostly on a referral basis and with a limited number of clients within the United States. 

My Qualifications

As a qualified clinical aromatherapist, I am trained in the safe therapeutic use of essential oils. I have completed over 1000 documented hours of formal aromatherapy education. My training includes chemistry, safe usage guidelines, ethics, drug interactions, at-risk populations, application methods, energetic applications, case studies, and written research.  Learn more about my background.

An aromatherapy consultation is not a replacement for professional health care or legal guidance. I am not a licensed medical or psychological professional.