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Literature Review

$150/hour, or on a per-project basis

I review your aromatherapy product pages, blog, social media posts, or print material. I evaluate factual accuracy, safety compliance, brand consistency, grammar/spelling/flow, and potential FDA red flags such as implied claims. NOTE: this is not a guarantee of full FDA compliance.

You get:

  • Annotated version of your literature including suggested revisions.
  • General suggestions for you to improve your own writing about aromatherapy going forward.
  • Revisions and product copy writing available at additional cost on a per-project basis.

Consider this if:

  • You want to be a resource for accurate, responsible, and trustworthy essential oil information.
  • Your customers don’t seem to understand your aromatherapy products or what they can do.
  • You don’t know if you’re making drug claims or otherwise misrepresenting your aromatherapy products.
  • You’re a holistic/CAM practitioner using aromatherapy, but aren’t confident in how you convey its benefits to your clients.

Writing Services

starts at $0.25 per word
ghostwriting available starting at $0.40 per word

I’m a seasoned writer and copyeditor, online aromatherapy educator, and former owner of a natural bath and body company. I can create essential oil-related informational content that reflects your brand and clientele.

You get:

  • Written content at your desired length, on the topics you request.
  • Blog or social media content for your aromatherapy products. (Note: I am not a social media manager, but I can write content for your social media manager to use.)
  • Expert answers to your customers’ essential oil questions.
  • Each piece includes one review/edit to make sure it meets your needs.
  • Excludes product sales pages and other static website content (priced on a per-project basis).

Consider this if:

  • You want to share DIY recipes based on the aromatherapy products you sell.
  • You want to share credible, evidence-based essential oil information.
  • You want to build your customers’ trust in your aromatherapy products through related content.
  • Your clients/customers have essential oil questions and you aren’t sure how to answer them, or don’t have the time.

Formulation Analysis

$150 per formulation

A comprehensive evaluation of your essential oil formulation based on three key factors: safety, appeal, and performance.

You get:

  • Full written assessment with suggestions for improvement and rationale.
  • Perspectives include chemistry/scientific and holistic/energetic, as best fits your brand.
  • Written revision of your blend, with the formulation expressed in scalable form suitable for manufacture.
  • Written ingredients declaration with INCI names of materials used, ready to go, for your product label.
  • Recommended dilution levels for your product type.
  • Relevant additional instructions to share with your clients or customers.

Consider this if:

  • You’re unsure about the skin safety, brand alignment, aesthetic appeal, or efficacy of your retail aromatherapy products.
  • You’re a holistic/CAM practitioner using aromatherapy, and you want to maximize your clients’ benefits.
  • You’re a microbusiness or maker who wants your personal stamp on your work, but you need guidance.
  • Your client or customer base includes at-risk populations (pregnant, children, elderly, health issues).
  • You aren’t quite ready for custom formulation services.

Retainer Services

intro package: 4 hours phone/video + 8 emails per month for $500

Hire me as your “staff aromatherapist.” Helpful for ongoing projects, customer support, or mentoring.

You get:

  • Weekly phone call or videoconference.
  • Limited email access for additional questions or follow-up.

Consider this if:

  • Your needs fall into several of the above categories, and you need a more open-ended relationship than what coaching packages often provide.
  • You have occasional questions as you grow your essential oil-related business.
  • You want your customers to experience the support of a staff aromatherapist.
  • You want private aromatherapy instruction to enhance your business operations.
  • You’d simply feel better with an essential oil expert in your corner.

À La Carte Consulting

$150/hour, via videoconference or phone

Ask me anything related to essential oils! My time is yours.

You get:

  • 60 minutes to discuss any aspect of essential oils as they relate to your business.

Consider this if:

  • Your needs fall into the above categories, but you aren’t ready to commit to a retainer.
  • You’re a recently certified aromatherapist who wants additional mentoring as you grow your business and skill set.
  • You’re a holistic/CAM practitioner who uses aromatherapy, but you want expert guidance.
  • You’re an allopathic medical professional who wants to understand the role of aromatherapy in adjunct care.