Business Aromatherapy Services

Business Aromatherapy Services

I am a seasoned aromatherapy educator and practitioner, a former owner/founder of a natural and organic bath and body company, and I have extensive experience in startup environments. I love working with the “information” aspect of aromatherapy, using my knowledge to help your essential oil-related business shine.

  • are the essential oil blends in your products safe for general public use?
  • are they formulated for maximal therapeutic benefit?
  • does their aroma really “sing”? could the scent use a tweak?
  • do you want to incorporate unique, regional, trend, or niche aromatics into your products?
  • do you know if you’re using unadulterated, therapeutically sound essential oils?
  • are you drowning in line sheets for natural/organic products, struggling to choose the best ones for your clients?
  • do your service providers know how to safely incorporate aromatherapy?
  • are you concerned about the safety of practices such as Raindrop Therapy?
  • would custom environmental fragrancing elevate your customers’ experience?
  • do you know how to safely and effectively incorporate aromatherapy into your massage, reflexology, or energy work sessions?
  • do you know how to prevent overexposure and sensitization for yourself, your practitioners, and your clients?
  • do you wish you had your own custom essential oil blends to use in your practice?
  • do you want to collaborate with a professional aromatherapist as a referral source for your clientele? I offer personal aromatherapy consultations.
  • do you need help sourcing a line of essential oils?
  • do you know how to store your essential oil and carrier oil inventory?
  • do your employees understand basic essential oil safety so they can advise your customers with confidence?
  • do you want to offer more natural and organic products, but don’t know how to choose the best ones?
  • are you interested in custom environmental fragrancing to elevate your customers’ experience?
  • now that you’ve graduated, do you feel like you have more questions than you did before?  (this is normal, don’t worry!)
  • do you just want a little one-on-one time with a professional to delve deeper?
  • are you struggling to get your business up and running – insurance, organizational systems, getting yourself “road ready”?

I can help with the above…and more.  Contact me – I’d love to learn more about your business.

Custom formulation

Custom formulation (an essential oil blend designed just for your business to use) is a separate service, not included in a business consultation. Contact me if you are interested in essential oil blends professionally formulated for your business.

Aromatherapy business consulting is not a replacement for professional health or legal guidance. I am not a licensed medical or psychological professional.