Aromatherapy Laser Coaching

Helping you go from discouraged to self-assured in your professional work with essential oils. 

You long to feel more confident in your work with essential oils. 

But you have so many questions standing in the way.

You’re tired of buying books, signing up for classes, and scouring Internet groups. It’s all feeling a little intimidating and—yes—sometimes negative out there, and maybe you’re afraid to even speak up. Do you want a judgment-free space to get the clarity you need to shift momentum in your aromatherapy business?  

I'm here to help. 

I’ve mentored hundreds of successful aromatherapists, offering practical ways to improve all aspects of their work: blending/formulating, consulting, and workflow.

Personal mentorship is a powerful growth opportunity. Unlike aromatherapy classes, Aromatherapy Laser Coaching focuses on you: your goals and dreams for your aromatherapy business, and what knowledge gaps are keeping you from achieving them.

As an aromatherapy practitioner, educator, and business owner, I understand the challenges you are facing, and every day I see the value of one-to-one mentorship. My greatest passion is helping talented people get even better at what they do. I want to see you get out there and shine! 

Aromatherapy Laser Coaching is perfect for you if...

  • you're brand new to aromatherapy entrepreneurship, and you need clarity in who you serve, how to communicate with them, or how to even get started. 
  • you’re a newly certified aromatherapist and you want more of the support you received during your training.
  • you don’t have the time or money for (more) aromatherapy coursework, but specific knowledge gaps have you feeling stuck.
  • you have a retail business and you’re struggling to answer your customers’ questions about essential oils. 
  • you’re a CAM practitioner and you aren’t sure you’re using essential oils correctly or optimally to benefit your clients.

The world needs your talents! 

So many people let their shaky confidence and knowledge gaps hold them back from growing their aromatherapy business, changing lives through the power of essential oils, and living the life of their dreams.  

It’s too easy to say, “I’ll just take one more class” or “maybe another book will help.” 

But what if it doesn’t? I’ve seen it too many times, and it breaks my heart. You end up more frustrated, confused, burned out, and in debt, wondering if you should give up on your dream.

What if one month of focused mentorship gave you the real-world answers you need to take your next step toward realizing your potential...bringing clarity and confidence to your work with essential oils?

Aromatherapy Laser Coaching is Empowering. 

Your coaching sessions are customized for you - so you get exactly the information and support you need, without a big time or financial commitment. One month of support including three 1-hour deep-dive sessions devoted to your biggest roadblocks can eliminate the overwhelm—so you can create real, lasting change in your aromatherapy business. Your investment will pay for itself many times over.

Get help with:

  • business development: building your brand, streamlining your daily tasks, getting clear on your scope of practice.
  • online aromatherapy consulting skills. The COVID-19 pandemic and its long-term impact present a huge opportunity to benefit your clients.
  • how to talk about essential oils with your clients or customers.
  • how to integrate essential oils into your existing holistic or allied health practice.
  • essential oil substitutions, safety, or blending considerations.
  • questions that came up after you graduated from your aromatherapy certification program. 
  • specific aromatherapy topics, such as blending for emotional support. (One of my favorite subjects, so needed in today’s world.)
  • or, use me as an objective, supportive sounding board to expand your own thinking and creativity. 
Aromatherapy Laser Coaching is highly focused, customized support to fit YOU and your essential oil business.

What you get...

  • One-on-one expert support not usually available outside of a costly aromatherapy training program. 
  • One month of Aromatherapy Laser Coaching (includes three 1-hour sessions). We’ll do a deep dive into your specific aromatherapy questions and build a strategy tailored to meet your goals. You’ll come away each time with actionable guidance to get you back on the path to success. 
  • Email access. Accountability, connection, and support. Great for a midweek and end-of-week check-in, or random questions that pop up with a client. 
  • Voxer support. Voxer is a free online app where we can share brief voice snippets—great for those tricky moments when you’re stuck. 
  • New insights, right from the start: before your coaching call, you’ll fill out an intake form that is designed to give you even more clarity on your goals and questions. 
  • A written summary of each coaching session. This includes your main takeaways, reflective questions to deepen your learning, and space to map out your next steps so you can turn information into action. 
  • You have the option to save a video recording of each session to refer back to at any time.


one month of support


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer in-person sessions?

I coach clients online via Zoom so we can meet anytime, anywhere. And since we’re focused on the “big picture” informational aspects of aromatherapy, we don’t need to use or smell essential oils together. You can certainly have them with you during our call, or you might like to make a list of oils to explore after your session.

How is coaching different from consulting?

Consulting is perfect for people who want answers or formulations from someone else. Coaching empowers YOU to become the expert, so you can build that knowledge into your essential oil business. Think of the confidence and trust this will give you and your clients! 

Is this business coaching?

My focus is at the intersection of essential oil information, business, and the "geekery" that goes along with both. We can cover what business systems need to be in place, clarifying your target client, crafting your language/website, and broadening your message. For full, in-depth business coaching intensives, I can offer referrals. What those intensives can't do - but I can - is bring a personal understanding of the aromatherapy landscape, help you sharpen your skills with essential oils, and help you refine how you share what you already know. This will have a huge positive impact on your aromatherapy business.

Can you review my aromatherapy formulations during a Laser Coaching Call?

Glad you asked! Check out my Aromatherapy Formulation Review service, designed to help you make your product formulations the best they can be.

How long will it take to start seeing results?

That’s the beauty of Laser Coaching! It’s focused entirely on your most pressing questions, so you get fast answers and fast results. You can use what you learn in your very next blend or consult.

Who is a good fit for your program?

Anyone who works professionally with essential oils: aromatherapists (particularly new graduates), massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and energy healers such as Reiki practitioners. Makers and artisans who use essential oils in their products can also benefit.

How would you describe your approach to coaching?

I would call it “rent my brain!” It’s a fun, comfortable space for you to feel safe asking questions without feeling silly or dumb. I’ll ask questions to help you find your own answers, especially if you’re struggling with creative blocks. We’ll dive deep enough to help you see lots of new solutions without feeling overwhelmed.

What is your refund policy?

Since Aromatherapy Laser Coaching consists of one-on-one time and independent research on my part, I do not offer refunds.

Are you ready to get unstuck?

Not ready to commit to a full month?

I've got you covered.

Sign up for a single session of Aromatherapy Laser Coaching for $147.
Get a taste of Aromatherapy Laser Coaching and what it can do for you.
Does not include Voxer and email access.  

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