Aromatherapy Formulation Review

Your essential oil blends…only better!

Uplevel your products with expert analysis and validation of your own retail aromatherapy formulations.

For Makers, CAM Practitioners, and Startups looking to create a safe, effective, and profitable product line.

The aromatherapy retail market is HOT, and artisan cosmetics are hotter. More complementary therapists are adding aromatherapy services and take-home products. 

Essential oils have flooded the marketplace, and you want to stand out with your own formulations. 

Creating your own retail essential oil blends helps you tap into the natural products niche while giving you creative control and satisfaction. However, without expert guidance, it’s difficult to feel confident in the aroma, safety, or true benefit to your customers. Many essential oils carry nuanced safety concerns for specific individuals, and creating a beautiful blend that’s also safe takes experience, skill, and a deep understanding of aromatic chemistry. 

Do you have a few good blends you want to use in your products...

...and are you secretly worried they aren't all you made them out to be?

They need to be great. This is not the time to wing it!

Your products are the foundation of your business. Without an excellent product right off the bat, you’re throwing money away on marketing, labeling, branding, and even expired batches that didn’t sell.

An Aromatherapy Formulation Review will help you thrill your customers with beautiful, safe, and effective essential oil products that retain your special signature. You’ll feel reassured knowing your formulations have been personally reviewed by an aromatherapy expert, and you get insightful information and analysis that you can immediately put to use in your marketing and future blends. Watch your sales and your confidence grow!

Why work with me?

As the former creative director of a natural/organic bath and body company, I understand how important it is for your brand to be unique and personal, retaining your special creative touch.

And as a seasoned clinical aromatherapy educator, I’ve personally mentored hundreds of aromatherapists and makers who have gone on to create thriving businesses centered around the safe and effective use of essential oils. Every day I support my clients and students by helping them improve their blending.

So, you’ve created your blend. Awesome!

Are you still wondering... 

  • ...if the essential oils you’re using are safe for the general public?
  • ...if your aromatherapy blend is meeting your functional goals for your product?
  • ...if the aroma "sings?" Could the scent use a tweak?

Let's face it!

creating the perfect essential oil blend is challenging—and can even be risky—if you aren’t experienced.

You know the frustration and the loss of time, money, and materials that comes with every unsuccessful product, well beyond the cost of ingredients. I have seen businesses spend thousands of dollars on product labels, only to discover afterward that the essential oil blend didn’t resonate with their customers, or had a significant safety issue.

And you’re probably all too familiar with the rabbit hole of conflicting Internet research on the safety and therapeutic actions of essential oils. If you unknowingly include irritating or sensitizing oils, or use the incorrect dilution, you’re putting your clients and customers at risk.

If you don’t feel absolutely fantastic about your products, your confidence and your sales take a hit. 

Many professionals in the aromatic industry offer done-for-you formulating services. They create custom essential oil blends on your behalf, at very high cost and sometimes with licensing restrictions, for use in your retail products.

I  work differently.

Everyone has a creative voice, and you deserve to express yours through your products. I help you make your own blends the best they can be – safe, effective, and beautiful – so you can be proud of your own creations and confident in their efficacy. When you feel confident, you can represent your business authentically.

There’s a tremendous amount of misleading and confusing information out there about essential oils, and it’s hard to sort out on your own. Let go of the overwhelm!

I'm here to help you create a beautiful, effective aromatherapy product that sells.

What you get...

  • 45-minute one-on-one strategy session so you have complete clarity on your specific concerns, desires, and outcomes. 
  • 45-minute follow-up session so that you are 100% clear and confident with my recommendations and your next steps. We’ll discuss your remaining questions and fine-tune the details so that you are set up for success.
  • New insights, right from the start: you’ll complete a thorough Formulation Review worksheet that is practically a masterclass in formulation strategy. You can use it for every new product you develop, so you have clarity on your product goals with your ideal customer in mind.
  • Comprehensive written evaluation of your essential oil formulation based on five key factors:
    1. Efficacy: Does your product do what you say it will?
    2. Synergy: Does the blend’s chemistry reinforce your goals?
    3. Safety: Can your customers use your product with confidence?
    4. Aromatic Appeal: Scent is EVERYTHING. Will the aroma enchant your customers?
    5. Product Type: Do your goals fit the type of product you’re offering?
  • Clear, precise guidance so you come away empowered with all the information you need to take your blend to the next level:
    • Actionable suggestions for revision—and the reasons—so you know exactly how and why to modify your blend.
    • A truly holistic approach, evaluating the evidence-based, physiological, emotional, and subtle or energetic impact of your blend.
    • Recommended dilution level, so you know exactly how to formulate your final product. 
    • Cautionary notes for medical or drug interactions based on current research.
    • Additional use instructions to share with your customers.






Unsure which package is right for you, or do you still have questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you formulate a new blend for me instead?

An Aromatherapy Formulation Review is ideal for entrepreneurs and companies who want full control over their creative process, while avoiding the high costs  and intellectual property rights associated with custom formulation. Rather than offering custom formulation services, I help you make your own essential oil formulations better. 

Can you simply revise/fix my formulation for me?

I believe in creative empowerment, and since you’ve been creating your own essential oil blends, I’m guessing you do too! My professional recommendations give you education and value that you wouldn’t get if I simply revised the formulation on your behalf. This also gives you the freedom to tailor the aroma to your (and your customers’) preferences, so it retains your unique style. Having said that, I will certainly provide suggestions for aesthetic improvement where necessary. Everything I share with you can be applied to formulations that you create in the future. An Aromatherapy Formulation Review is both a huge learning opportunity and a way to increase your business revenue.

What if you don’t see any need to change my formulation(s)? Do I get a refund?

In my experience, there’s always a way to make a great blend even better. The results of your analysis give insight into new directions or considerations for your blend. Written assessment of the functionality, safety, and general theme of your blend provides you with clear, solid language for your sales and marketing copy, labels, and other literature. This is a tremendous return on your investment, even if your blend is already structurally sound. 

Do you claim any intellectual property rights on the formulations after they’re revised?

Not at all! They are your formulations, and you can use them in any way you choose. Think of me as an advisor helping you polish your creative output. 

What if someone uses my essential oil formulation and has a negative response, such as irritation or allergic reaction? Will you accept liability? Aren’t natural products safe?

While we have a lot of research and accepted safety guidelines for essential oils, it is unfortunately nearly impossible to predict an individual’s reaction to any product, even with natural ingredients like essential oils. I give you suggestions for a safe, effective, and synergistic essential oil blend based on current clinical aromatherapy standards and research. All retail businesses should carry product and general liability insurance, which would cover these kinds of situations in the rare event that they should occur. I am unable to accept liability for any incidents with your clients or customers.

Do you have a refund policy?

Since each Aromatherapy Formulation Review includes one-on-one time and independent research on my part, I do not offer refunds.

Will you provide email support?

You’ll receive your written evaluations via email. Each Aromatherapy Formulation Review includes 90 minutes of video or phone time, divided into two sessions. Before our 45-minute wrap-up call, you’ll fill out a form, including any lingering questions that we can address on the call. If you’re interested in ongoing support, I offer à la carte coaching/consulting options that may be a great fit for you.

Andrea Butje, Aromahead Institute


I am so impressed and inspired by Michelle’s consulting skills! One of Michelle’s many gifts is her attention to detail. If you are looking for aromatherapy-related content appropriate for your brand, you have found the right person. She can also offer extensive coaching and evaluation of essential oil formulation, while teaching safety, exposure considerations and blending techniques/dilution. Michelle has an intimate understanding of the questions people have about working with essential oils, from the personal (working safely) to the professional (how to formulate a safe, effective, beautiful product). I love working with Michelle and feel genuinely confident recommending her.

Andrea Butje Co-Founder, Aromahead Institute

Ready to uplevel your essential oil formulations?

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