Let's get you feeling confident in your Aromatherapy business

Your first success sharing the power of essential oils 
changed the course of your life.

Hungry for more, you joined every online aromatherapy group and followed all the experts. You studied hard and nurtured your dream to serve others professionally with custom blending or even your own product line. 

You’re so close… but you’re running into practical challenges that the groups and books don’t answer, you’re beginning to doubt yourself, and you don’t know where to turn.

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I help aromatherapy entrepreneurs like you create thriving businesses by providing guidance and resources for confident, effective use of essential oils. 

I know what it's like to fight through self-doubt and overwhelm. My mission is to help you get organized and sharpen your skills so you can feel confident, earn more money, and make your dream happen.

Despite my qualifications, I thought I didn’t belong in aromatherapy.

 I’m an urbanite, a technology geek, and a serial organizer. My Zen is making good things better, from cheat sheets to business processes. I’m also a retired musician, psychology grad student, and former medical editor.
(See? Not very aromatic, is it?) 


...my grandmother's signature perfume never left my heart.

It held her identity in a way I couldn’t otherwise capture, and I wanted to know why. And when an aromatherapy stress spray found its way to me, I was hooked. (My grandmother loved it too.) 

Eventually I became the creative director of a successful natural bath and body company. When that wasn’t enough, I earned my qualification as a clinical aromatherapist, built up my practice… and kept on studying.

And yet, something wasn't right.

As my client practice grew, I dreaded seeing clients (sorry, clients), and I was underpaid and overworked. Overthinking consults, conversations, and custom blends left me terrified of disappointing people and bogged down in a sea of details. The more time I spent on a blend, the less I liked it.

Worst of all, my clients could tell I was uncomfortable, and it made them uncomfortable. I felt like a fraud.

I’m a daydreamer and introvert with an algorithm brain.

So I put that brain to work developing systems to fine-tune my blending, simplify my client interactions, and streamline the time stealers in my aromatherapy business. All of my mismatched parts showed up: the musician’s dedication to fluency, the formulator’s eye for efficiency, the psychologist’s focus on process, all wrapped up in tech geekery. (The editor, you ask? She was a writer in disguise.)

That's when everything came together.

This was my calling!

Soon I was using these same tools to help improve learning outcomes for a large aromatherapy school, teaching certification students, and writing about essential oils for national publications.

I'm an Aromatherapy Process Mentor.

I offer coaching, organizational tools, and formulation review services to help you become efficient, effective, and organized. When that happens, you’re confident, you deliver better products and services, and you make more money.

Want a sample of my aroma-geekery?

Download my Quick Reference Guide
to Essential Oil Substitutions. 

Save time and stress with this detailed reference!

Michelle Gilbert, Aromatherapy Educator & Coach
Official Bio

Michelle Gilbert, CCA, APAIA, R.SPE.P. is an educator and writer who helps aromatherapy entrepreneurs create better products, services, and results. Her work has been featured in PreventionAromaCulture, and Health

Michelle is passionate about helping her clients bust through the knowledge gaps, organization rabbit holes, and creative blocks that keep them from feeling confident, fluent, and successful.  

Since 2005, her career has focused on holistic wellness and the natural bath and body products industry. She serves on the Education Committee for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and is an instructor at the world-renowned Aromahead Institute.

Michelle has studied with the world’s leading aromatherapists, and is one of few people worldwide to be a Registered Practitioner of Spiritual PhytoEssencing™, an approach to aromatherapy that fosters soul-level healing. 

She now offers personalized mentoring, freelance writing, and formulation review services for professionals and entrepreneurs who want more income and satisfaction from their work with essential oils. 

In her free time, Michelle enjoys finding new life in old stories, whether renovating her historic home or writing love letters with vintage fountain pens, and music is her favorite hiding place.