I’ve been a part of the aromatherapy community since 2005. When I started, our world looked a lot different: client intake forms were still printed on paper; no one was sharing formulations on Pinterest; and most of us were seeing clients, teaching classes, or selling products in person. 

I entered the aromatic industry after a career in health information technology left me stressed and burned out. My grandmother’s fascination with fragrance brought me to this path, and I’ll always be grateful to her. I’ve enjoyed my time as a creative director/formulator for a bath and body company, educator and mentor for aromatherapy certification students, and active member of the Education Committee for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. I’ve built and managed all of my own web platforms, and lent my tech savvy to some amazing aromatherapy educators and holistic professionals.

Now that our lives have dramatically changed, I’ve realized that there’s a great need for aromatherapists to thrive in the digital landscape, from online consulting to course creation. I’m excited to unleash my inner geek and support the aromatherapy community! 

Like creating an aromatic synergy in a bottle, my services will help you blend the perfect mix of technology to make it easy to grow and manage your business. The best part? This means you’re free to focus on what you love most: helping and serving others with your passion for essential oils. 

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Soon, I’ll be launching new services—online course setup, appointment software configuration, and more

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