Holistic Aromatherapy Services
for Individuals and Businesses

Aromatherapy is the artful science of using aromatic plant extracts to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit. As a qualified aromatherapist, I offer education and mentorship to individuals and businesses.

For individuals, I provide personalized aromatherapy education so you can use essential oils safely and effectively as part of your path toward wellness.

If you’re a business owner or practitioner, I help you incorporate essential oils into your retail, manufacturing, complementary medicine, or spa services.

This gives me so much more confidence moving into this space.  I cannot thank you enough!
I can’t say enough about how impressed I’ve been with her overall personal touch and desire to give as close to the perfect blend of aromatherapy oils for my individual needs. In my view Michelle is a true “old school craftsman” who will go above and beyond what most people do to give the best possible product and help she can.
Mark M., Canton, OH
She knows her stuff. Her study of aromatherapy is deep, practical and wide-ranging, from the intellectual to the profoundly spiritual, from the intensively scientific to the broadly holistic.

Michelle is considerate, engaging, well prepared…I will certainly work with her again as needed, and I am happy to recommend her to friend and client alike.