My Philosophy

Simply put, I offer holistic tools to help you come home to yourself and nurture yourself. This is where well-being starts, and sometimes we just need a little help getting there.

Physical and emotional pain often lead us to seek support. And yet, if we look deeper, we may find that we are in need of feeling whole, that we’ve lost touch with ourselves…and our discomforts might be our bodymind’s way of telling us we need to stop, listen, and tend.

Each of us has a terrain… a way we’re uniquely put together physically, mentally, and emotionally. We need to understand and support that terrain, especially when we are dealing with things that deplete us. Holistic tools like aromatherapy and Reiki can offer wonderful terrain support.

I take a pragmatic approach to practices that are sometimes misunderstood and unfairly branded as unsubstantiated or “new age.” I’ve worked hard to see past the misinformation so that I can help you feel safe exploring and benefiting from them.

I believe in balance: keeping a foot in both practical and the intangible, the outer reflection of the inner mystery, addresses the totality of your unique terrain and creates effective, grounded results.

My focus is on all of you: the part that is coping with the hard stuff, the part that laughs, that loves, that carries deep mysteries inside, that wants a full and happy life. Aromatherapy and Reiki can help with the intangibles as much as the tangibles to help you feel more grounded…to feel more like you.

When you feel more whole, grounded, and balanced, you live a better life. As we work together, often your own inner knowing will arise, offering gifts of wisdom along the way. That’s what we want!

And sometimes, I simply help you indulge in deep relaxation and release, a little time away from it all. This is where the journey starts…how far you wish to travel is entirely up to you.