What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the artful science of using aromatic plant extracts to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils contain naturally occurring components that, when skillfully blended, work in synergy to enhance the bodymind’s innate ability to heal and balance itself. And time and again, I have seen their ephemeral nature reach the most intangible, fleeting parts of our being, transcending the language of emotion.

Holistic aromatherapy cares for you as a whole person. I don’t aim to cure your medical condition, as that’s not who you are. Instead, we work as a team to create an aromatic approach to fortifying the big picture that is you, so that you can feel healthier, bigger, and brighter than the challenge(s) you are facing.

My blending perspective considers the scientific as well as the intuitive, and my work is a fusion of many wisdom traditions.

I carefully select organic and ethically derived oils from artisan distillers and the vendors who support them by providing proper analytical chemistry documentation.

What Happens in a Personal Aromatherapy Consultation?

First, I ask you to complete a confidential New Client Form. When I receive your form, I begin selecting the most appropriate blending options for you. When we meet, we’ll talk more about your needs, your personal aromatic preferences, and any additional questions that arise.

Your consultation and resulting blend are unique to you. Our work will go as deep as you want it to go. As such, we may talk superficially, we may engage in deep introspection, you may be offered a guided aromatic meditation, or we may incorporate Reiki.

After we meet, I ask for a couple of days to formulate and create your custom aromatherapy blend.  You will receive it in the mail along with written information and usage guidelines. Your blend might take the form of a lotion, bath salts, portable inhaler, blend to diffuse into your home environment, spray mist, salve, or massage oil.

I recommend a follow-up appointment so we can see how your blend is working for you and what changes you notice. All blends require a consultation.

Aromatherapy Business Consultations

I can help you safely and effectively incorporate essential oils into your artisan bath and body business, spa, salon, retail location, or massage therapy practice.

Custom formulation is a separate service, not included in a business consultation. Contact me if you are interested in essential oil blends professionally formulated for your business.

Aromatherapy Workshops

I offer select aromatherapy workshops in the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area. My focus is experiential rather than academic. I engage attendees with essential oils in introspective yet lighthearted fashion, and offer safe and simple ways to invite the beauty of holistic aromatherapy into their daily lives. Contact me to discuss your area of interest.

My Qualifications

As a qualified aromatherapist, I am professionally trained in the safe therapeutic use of essential oils. I have completed over 800 documented hours of formal aromatherapy education. My training includes chemistry, safe usage guidelines, drug interactions, at-risk populations, application methods, energetic applications, case studies, and written research. I have studied with the world’s leading aromatherapists including Andrea Butje, Mark Webb, Robert Tisserand, David Crow, Peter Holmes, Marc Gian, Roxana Villa, and Dr. Bruce Berkowsky. My training and experience are broad, ranging from the clinical to the esoteric.

Since 2004, I have provided aromatherapy education and personal consultations. In addition, I owned an aromatherapy soap company for 10 years. I am an instructor at the world-renowned Aromahead Institute, School of Essential Oil Studies. Read more about my background here.


The blend she mixed for my unique needs was extremely beneficial… I can’t say enough about how impressed I’ve been with her overall personal touch and desire to give as close to the perfect blend of aromatherapy oils for my individual needs. In my view Michelle is a true “old school craftsman” who will go above and beyond what most people do to give the best possible product and help she can, be it Reiki or aromatherapy blends.
Mark M.


An aromatherapy consultation is not a replacement for professional health care or legal guidance. I am not a licensed medical or psychological professional.